• Started playing fiddle & singing in choirs at 9 yrs of age
  • Recorded first record playing string parts at age 14
  • Toured Europe and US with various folk & blues groups
  • Toured with 'Jolly Wally's Wonder Follies' 
  • Lead vocalist for 'The Smokin' Section' -recorded first solo record
  • Worked as back up vocalist for various recording studios
  • Studied with Dewey Balfa
  • Played Great American Music Hall
  • Toured with Queen Ida
  • Performed with Danny Poullard & Friends
  • Performed with Kevin Wimmer Band
  • Started Tee Fee Swamp Boogie -was lead vocalist, writer/arranger, fiddler and played accordion
  • Recorded  first CD Hey Tee Fee
  • Started Gill & Howard American Roots Duo
  • Recorded “The Diversity of the USA through its Fiddle Tunes”video produced by the Oakland Unified School District 
  • Recorded 2nd CD 'Don't Let It Get You!'
  • Opened for Beausoleil & Bonnie Raitt at Shoreline Ampitheater
  • Original song 'Zydeco Show' included on West Coast Zydeco compilation CD
  • Performed Monterey Blues Festival
  • Performed at Marin County Fair Blues Festival -3 years
  • Opened for Confunction at Bumbershoot in Seattle (yes really!)
  • Performed at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Festivals -5 years
  • Performed at Napa Cajun Festivals 2yrs
  • Performed at Ardenwood Cajun Zydeco Festivals - 3 years
  • Played & sang with Johnny Heartsman Band
  • Chicago Blues Festival-sang lead & played Fiddle
  • Recorded 3rd CD-'Comin' Home'
  • Recorded 4th CD- Tee Fee Revival
  • Started trio & recorded CD with Annie Marie & Fiddlaround 



  • Don't Let It Get You-Tee Fee Swamp Boogie
  • Tee Fee Revival-tee Fee Swamp Boogie
  • West Coast Zydeco compilation CD
  • Annie Marie & Fiddlaround

Annie Marie Music

Americana & New Orleans style music

Annie Marie Howard Byrd Hogenboom trom Houston, Texas

Originally from Houston Texas, Annie performed professionally from the age of 12 - toured Europe, the US, and Canada with various groups singing and playing fiddle - played & sang at venues from the Colosseo de Sport in Rome, the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Chicago Blues Festival, school assemblies, library shows, outdoor festivals, country, contra & Cajun dances and backyard barbecues, etc. She played fiddle and sang for a variety of groups including the Smokin’ Section, Tee Fee Swamp Boogie, the blues/American Roots duo Gill and Howard, Queen Ida, Danny Poulard, Annie Marie & Fiddlaround and Annie n. Mo.

Annie's childhood was difficult but her dad played stride style piano and they loved singing songs together while he would play boogie on the piano. When she had the opportunity to learn to play the fiddle and then viola in school she found that playing music was the best relief from her life struggle. She left her home during her teenage years and ran away to California hoping to find safer & more acceptable opportunities to play the kind of music she loved-blues & Cajun Zydeco.

In California, along with performing and touring-both as a vocalist & as a fiddler, cleaning houses and working retail she supported herself. Constantly playing and singing with any one in the genre, she built her skills and started teaching music privately in 1980, then in public elementary schools and in private group and individual lessons from preschool through adult - She worked hard, put herself through college and received a music degree and teaching credentials. In 88 Annie was hired by Vallejo Unified to teach a self contained 1st grade and in 89 started giving interactive concerts focusing on American Roots Music at school assemblies, in classrooms, in libraries and for private parties while  performing & touring in the summers.

Annie promotes American fiddle tunes, Cajun and blues fiddle hoping to add to the fiddle blues traditions of Canray Fontonot and Gatemouth Brown. She has been influenced by the many musicians she has studied and performed with including Dewey Balfa, Queen Ida, Kevin Wimmer, Johnny Heartsman, Danny Poullard, Sonny Rhodes, Billy Wilson & C.P. Love. She credits much of her musical development to her collaboration of 12 years with her partner, the late blues guitarist Leonard Gill (B.B. King, Otis Rush, Otis Clay, Allen Fonenot, Al Rapone). They created the duo Gill & Howard which focused on blues fiddle & guitar and oral traditions. Annie believes music and musicians should be an active part of their community, not just airbrushed images drenched in auto tune and vocal effects on the TV or internet. She is dedicated to being a working musician in the community and looks forward to playing for YOU some time!


  • 1993 West Coast Cajun& Zydeco Music & Dance Association Rising Star Award
  • West Coast Cajun& Zydeco Music Association Best Original Zydeco Song award for“Where You Is?”
  • 1996 the Queen Ida Guillory Women in Music Award and in 1997
  • West Coast Cajun & Zydeco Music Association Best Original Zydeco Song award forDon’t Let It Get You!!”
  • 1997 Award from the California Friends of Louisiana French Music for ongoing support of Bay Area Cajun and Zydeco music as a band leader and as a fiddler


  • Administrative Credential Tier 1, Sacramento, CA - 2006
  • Masters in Education - University of Phoenix - 2005
  • Facilitator Certification, Center for Collaborative Solutions, Sacramento, CA - 1998
  • English Learner Authorization/CLAD Certificate, Sacramento, California, 1998
  • Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with bilingual Spanish, SF State University - 1988
  • B.A. Music, Dominican College of San Rafael, 1984

I am very grateful to all the wonderful musicians I have played with and the incredible audiences I have played for. While I may never be rich or famous, my life has been made so rich by music :)

Annie's Story